Junior & Senior Ensemble Auditions
This is an "OPEN" call. You do not have to attend a specific dance or theatre school.

JUNIORS: Registration from 9am in the Foyer of DUCTAC. Audition begins at 10am
Girls and Boys : Minimum Age 7 up to 11 (as of 1st March 2018)
*You will be required to learn and dance a simple routine set by our choreographer.
You may then have to sing, probably "Happy Birthday” and if we still can't decide you will be given a short acting piece to do too!

SENIORS: Registration from 1.30pm in the Foyer of DUCTAC. Audition begins at 2pm
Girls and Boys Aged 12 upwards (as of 1st March 2018) *Requirements as above.

Please register below to attend the audition

If you have any questions, please email Graham Fawcett (Director) on
Audition Information Sheet


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